Monday, October 18, 2010

Project # 12: Monster Stocking

I came across this monster stocking idea on CraftyRobot ages and ages ago. I thought they were so super cute but I definately do not have $50+ to plunk down on a little thing like a Christmas stocking. I did have plenty of leftover fabric from the Monster pillow I made for Blockette back in February though.

If you can believe it, I started this project back in Feb. I ran into problem after problem. When I craft, and have a difficulty, I set it aside until I can work through in my brain how I can fix it without scrapping the whole project. There was a whole lot of that with this bugger. It's finally finished though. (Can I get a woot woot?)

Did it turn out how I wanted it to? Well, no, but it is, as my mom would say, "Close enough for government work." It's funny, because the other day, when I was complaining that I didn't think the Red Skully Shirt was going to turn out, my best friend said something like, "I've never seen you churn out something that didn't turn out looking great." My reply to that was, "Well I don't ever show anyone the stuff that doesn't turn out."

Along those lines, no one saw when I had to rip the same section out 4 times because I repeatedly sewed it in backwards. Yes. Four times. And I used pins. I pinned the same section wrong 4 times. Maybe I should pin my hand to my forhead so I don't have to make an effort when I want to smack it. Grr. It's finished though and I can do the happy dance of joy.I do have one final dilema with this stocking. How should I label it? I mean Santa's gotta know somehow that this is my stocking. Should I put my first name? Mom? Mommy? Mommy Monster? Crazy Lady? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. I vote Crazy Lady

    And Woot Woot!

  2. I like Mommy Monster! My mom always made our stockings when I was a kid and I have fond memories of being so proud of her for doing such a great job - I'm sure yours feel the same way!


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