Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday 34

1. Being able to help a friend.
2. A nice enough day to walk Blockette to school.
3. sleeping in bed the whole night.
4. Blockette was not at home to hear me scream bloody murder when I saw the rodent scurrying past me in the garage.
5. There was no malicious intent when Blockette said, "Mommy, I'm drawing a picture of you and I'm going to put some gray hair in it because you are getting old."
6. Blockette did not spit out the nasty tasting medicine like her Dr. said she might.
7. My cats who keep me so warm at night that I still only need to sleep under a light blanket even though it was freezing in our room.
8. Having enough money to go out and buy lots of mouse traps and poison for our new tenant in the garage.
9. Coming to a compromise with Mrblocko when I was fairly certain we wouldn't.
10. Getting to sleep in an extra 10-20 minutes this morning.

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