Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday 31

1. Mrblocko passed one of his tests for his job even though he studied for the wrong one.
2. My mom is coming to visit!
3. I made it through a crazy jam packed weekend
4. Fuzzy blankets
5. That insanely low electric bill this month!
6. My best friend's gram passed away peacefully
7. My kitchen experiments turned out ok
8. Sleeping the whole night in bed without a sneezing fit.
9. S'mores
10. The Superman prayer
11. Finding the perfect door stopper to cover the hole in the wall that the door knob made in the bathroom.
12. Fixing the towel rack in the bathroom that fell off the wall every time I used my towel.
13. Remembering I have a craft project in the works that just might be long enough (if I ever finish it) to cover most of the hole in the wall made from replacing the dryer vent.
14. The Poem book Blockette is composing
15. Naps
16. The hawk Blockette and I saw drinking water in a large puddle in the street on a walk one afternoon. (Never seen a hawk that close up before!)
17. Blockette has gone almost a whole month without biting her fingernails
18. 2 paychecks in one month!

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  1. Yay for all, Amen and thanks be to #6, and I'm so proud of Blockette! Her other partner in nail biting is doing well herself. Looks like I'm going to owe three girls manicures :D


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