Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project #14 Recycled Jumbo Coaster

My husband has this ginormous water mug. It's great because when he is out doing yard work or running he drinks a lot of water. He had a smaller mug but it was teeny and he got tired of constantly filling it up. I found this blue monster as a replacement. The only thing is that the mug is not insulated, so when it's hot out, it sweats.

I had made him a quick coaster out of fleece and denim scraps, but I saw this tutorial for a coaster made out of the seams of jeans over at Polka Dot Pineapple. Of course the idea got lost in my head for a while until Mrblocko decided that it was time to lay a pair of old jeans to rest. These jeans were hole-y beyond what I feel comfortable passing on to Goodwill, so I stuck them on the chair of my craft room for recycling. See I tend to stick a lot of stuff on the back of my craft room chair. Things have a way of getting hidden for months or years that way.

Flash forward to this weekend where I reminded Mrblocko he agreed to caulk around the window in there. See, at this time of year, my craft room becomes the Ladybug Dance at the Ladybug Picnic.

Every time I go in the craft room I have to kill at LEAST 5 ladybugs. Bleck. Hopefully caulking around the window will stop them from coming in.

Anyhow, Mrblocko needed to caulk on the top of the window and he asked if I could move all the junk off the chair. I did and found the lost pair of jeans. So I snipped em up and made this guy!Goodness! Can you see the ruler, the coaster is almost 6 inches in diameter. That's a jumbo coaster!

And here is the coaster under the big blue monster mug. It fits perfectly.

OK, so if you went to the link up top to look at the tutorial, you will see that the directions specifically state to NOT use a hot glue gun. Well I do not have any fabric glue and have lots of glue sticks left over from my wedding. (Yeah from my wedding, NINE years ago!!!!) I figured it would be safe to use the hot glue because I'm using this coaster for cold beverages and not as a trivet for hot things. If it falls apart no big whoop cause I spent all of zero dollars to make it. So far it is holding together. I guess if it does come apart I could always go out and get some fabric glue.

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  1. Hi Mrs. Blocko! Love your recycled jeans coaster. I think the hot glue should hold up to cold beverages. It's the hot pots and pans that may create a gooey mess of hot glue when used as a trivet. Blech to having to kill lady bugs or any other creepy crawler. Can you tell that bugs give me the heebie jeebies? LOL Thanks for dropping by my blog. Take care!


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