Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade!

Please click on the pictures to enlarge so you can see Blockette's facial expressions. In case you can't tell, she is Rosetta from Tinkerbell. The striped pants were her idea.

"Hmm Where is she???"
"I don't see her. Mommy said she'd be here."
"Heh. I know mommy's over there but I'm going to actually look at her. Why don't I make goofy faces for my adoring fans? They've all come to see me, right? I should give them a good show."


  1. Cute kids. I am a bit disturbed now, not at the kids, but Niki Hilton wore the same costume as my kid. I am weirded out and don't know why...

  2. At least it was Nicky and not Paris. Take some solace in that.


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