Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday 33

1. The very bad day was followed by a very good day
2. Blockette has only had one bad day so far this month.
3. Blockette can almost blow her massively slimy nose completely by herself
4. Mrblocko found a cheap(er) place to eat while visiting a client in Chicago where he didn't have to pay for parking. (How does that happen?!)
5. I got my bulbs planted.
6. Blockette discovered that my yard stick is a great tool for squooshing Asian death beatles hanging out on the wall way up by the ceiling.
7. Finishing a weird but good book.
8. Blockette's new found interest in helping out in the kitchen.
9. Sleeping in the bed two nights in a row. (If I have a coughing/sneezing fit in the middle of the night I sleep on the couch so as to not wake the whole house.)
10. Bread that actually rose when I thought the yeast might have lost it's mojo.

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  1. 11. My husband of 9 years.

    Yesterday was our anniversary and I think I worried him by not mentioning something on here about being thankful for that. There are just some things I'm thankful for every week that I often forget to mention.

    Some but not all are:
    my husband, my mom, my daughter, my best friend, my church family, my uncle, having enough food to eat, having a house, having a car, being generally healthy...etc, etc,etc.

    I love you honey and happy anniversary!


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