Monday, October 25, 2010

Project #13 Tooth Fairy Pillow

Do a little dance of joy for me because I'm actually working on craft projects again! I'm really trying to force myself to be productive for the few short hours Blockette is at Kindergarten. Sometimes I amaze myself at how much I can get done in an interrupted two hour stretch of time.

When I was little I remember I had this really cool little yellow gingham pillow with a lace ruffle for the tooth fairy. I don't remember if someone made it especially for me, but I do remember thinking it was the coolest thing. Since I enjoyed having a tooth pillow, I figured Blockette should have a special tooth pillow too.

I did make one huge improvement on the one I had as a girl. Mine was just a small pillow you placed under your big pillow. I figured I'd make it a little easier on the tooth fairy and make it so the pillow could hang from the door handle. That poor tooth fairy, it must be difficult to lift all those heavy sleeping kids' heads. She deserves a break.

Here is the front: The cross stitch is a freebie from Brooke's Books Publishing that came out in January of this year. Here is a link to a pdf of the pattern. The design is supposed to be of a wintry type fairy welcoming in the new year. I altered the colors on the chart to make the fairy look more like Tinkerbell.

Yeah, I know Tinkerbell is a pots and pans fairy, not a tooth fairy. Tink's color scheme works much better with the cross stitch fabric than the original. And you never know, the tooth fairy might call on Fairies from Pixie Hollow in a pinch. Stranger things have happened I'm sure.

Here is the back:I found this piece of fairy fabric at the bottom of my scrap fabric bin. I saw it and thought it was really cute. Then it became even more awesome when I realized that it was the exact size I needed. No cutting needed! Whoohooo! Then the awesome increased tenfold when I saw that the word fairy was situated in the perfect spot to allow a pocket for teeth/coins. Isn't it awesome when things come together like that? (Isn't it also awesome when I am too lazy to use a thesaurus to find another word for awesome? AWESOME!)

Just for a frame of reference, the pocket is just slightly bigger than a dollar coin. I'm sure that if the tooth fairy was feeling generous she could stick a dollar bill in there as well.

When Blockette came home from school the other day, I hung this on the door handle to the pantry. She came into the kitchen and noticed it immediately. She ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug known to mankind. Then she said, "Oh mom! You are the best mom ever!!!! This is the coolest!!!" Then she stuck her fingers in her mouth and proceeded to try to wiggle all of her teeth loose simultaneously.

Poor Blockette. If she is anything like me, she's got a long way to go before she looses her first tooth. Most of her friends have lost multiple teeth already. If my memory serves me correct, that first loose tooth sneaks up suddenly. At least now, whenever that tooth decides to come out, we will be prepared for the tooth fairy.

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