Thursday, December 31, 2009

Olive...the other cookies

Blockette and I were watching The Bonnie Hunt Show one afternoon, and one of the guests brought a reindeer. The reindeer's name was Olive. Olive, the other reindeer. You know, from the song Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. She was such a meanie. I think she was just jealous of Rudolph's nose. That was why she laughed, called him names, and would NOT let him play those reindeer games.

Blockette thought this was a hilarious play on words. She was literally rolling on the floor. Now, every time she hears the Rudolph song she asks me about Olive. "You remember her? She was not nice. Why is she so mean?" Then she starts laughing and continues to sing the rest of the song.

I couldn't help thinking about Olive, that bully of a reindeer, when I made these chocolate chip cookies. I wondered if the other chocolate chip cookies made fun of this one. It's not made with the usual margarine, shortening or butter. It has olive oil! Weird huh?
I found this recipe for olive oil chocolate chip cookies from Crepes of Wrath. I made these as a gift for my uncle at Christmas. While I haven't heard any reviews from him, I did test a few for quality control.

The cookie itself is much lighter in color than the buttery versions. While the cookies were baking I could smell the olive oil. Once the cookies had cooled, I couldn't taste or smell any traces of the oil. There was a very slight hint of toffee. I was expecting something a bit more overpowering. These cookies were tasty, but I still prefer the classic butter version. It was fun to try something new, but unless I get a specific request for them, I won't make them again.

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