Friday, April 29, 2011


So my computer is still in the shop. Who knows when I'll get it back. The loaner is nice, but has one major flaw, secret USB ports. They are so secret that I have no idea where they are. This makes it difficult to upload pictures for this humble little blog. Luckily I am way behind in writing posts. (I mean I have stuff from February people. It's ridiculous.) I commandeered Mrblocko's laptop this evening and uploaded away.

Over a week ago Blockette lost her first tooth. And when I say she lost her tooth, I mean I yanked it out. I didn't do this to be mean mom extraordinaire. It's genetic. My mom pulled out all but one of my loose teeth. (The only reason I pulled that one out was because I discovered it was loose when she wasn't home and wiggled it out in the course of an hour. I was determined!)Strangely, the first tooth lost was not the first loose tooth. The one next to it was lose several weeks before. It's still loose, but no where near ready to come out.

I think after a week the missing tooth has lost a bit of its novelty. She's no longer telling everyone she meets, just every other person.

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  1. No where near ready to come out? Hmmm. Here is the part where I eat my words. Sat night, as I am putting Blockette to bed, I peek in her mouth and see that the tooth is just dangling there. I was afraid she would swallow it in the night, so I did my parental duty and yanked that baby out too.


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