Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disney Vacation Part 5: Day 3 Epcot

After we went to Universal Studios we hopped on a bus and then two Monorails to get to Epcot. The trip took us almost an hour. That was my fault as I had the charter bus drop us off at the wrong spot. We did get to see a nice tour of the surrounding hotels though.

Luckily we made it to our dinner reservations at the Akershus Castle, in the Norway section of Epcot, right on time. This dinner wasn't as fancy as the one in Cinderella's castle, but we got to meet plenty of princesses and Mary Poppins too. I'm not sure why she was there, but hey, Blockette was happy to see her.

This time we were seated in a section that the princesses came to first so Blockette actually ate her dinner! Ariel was my favorite again. She was so funny and kept twirling her hair like she does in the movies. She also asked Blockette if she had electric eels since they lit up when she walked. After dinner was over we asked Blockette what she would like to do. Her reply was "Take the walk around the world!" Um OK. So we walked through the different "countries" represented there and I took pictures of all the neat topiaries. I think The Lady and the Tramp was my favorite, although the Peter Pan and Hook one was pretty neat too. Japan was by far Blockette's favorite country. She wanted to buy something from her allowance there and went totally ga-ga over a miniature Japanese flag. Even more exciting was that it came with it's own stand. WOW! (Really. You'd think the lady gave her a free pony.) Blockette also freaked out when she saw this belly dancer (above left) in Morocco. She thought she was another princess from some movie she had not yet seen. She even got her to sign her character autograph book.

Finally, she about blew a gasket when she saw the fence (above right)as we passed through Canada. "Mommmmm! LOOK! That fence has the Canada leaf thingie on it!" she gasped as she inhaled all the air left on the planet. I still have no idea why that was so exciting to her. (What's that all a-boot? eh?) She was enjoying herself so that's all that matters.

Yet again we had intended on seeing the firework show, this time at Epcot. We were all so tired and it had been a long hot day at Universal Studios that we decided to call it a night. Before we left I spied the Fairy Garden. We could not pass that one up. All the Neverland fairies done up in topiaries!! I took pictures of all of the fairies, but the light was fading so not all of them turned out as well as I would have liked. If you've seen "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue" you'll recognize the photo (above, bottom right) of Lizzie's fairy house. Blockette was pleased as punch for me to snap a quick pick of her inside it before we left for the night. It wasn't quite as cool as fireworks, but pretty high up there in Blockette's book.

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