Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday 15.11

1. A nice visit with my mom.
2. Blockette was well behaved during my mom's visit.
3. Making the choice to not go to Blockette's soccer game in the cold and muddy wetness.
4. The first tulip opening up on a gloomy day.
5. The first visit from the tooth fairy.
6. Peanuts in the shell.
7. The possibility that my bleeding heart plant didn't die this summer.
8. Finding pictures for Relay.
9. Blockette is excited about her new workbooks.
10. Blockette changed her stinky stinky attitude this morning.


  1. I'm thankful you gave me the suggestion of matzo toffee for the Seder supper, and wondering at the same time what have you done to me? It IS Crack! Well, at least the pans that weren't turned into carbon ;)

  2. 1 & 4 must have really made you day! I love your Thankful Thursday lists! Have a wonderful day!

  3. 'm glad that you didn't burn the whole entire batch and ruin your pans. I'm extra sad we can't come over today knowing you've got matzo crack calling my name.

    Actually, I'm not sure which I enjoyed more the visit with my mom, or the fact that Blockette was well behaved while my mom was visiting. After the morning I've had with my beloved child I'm inclined to say the second. one.


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