Friday, April 22, 2011

Stupid Internet Explorer 9

So yesterday my husband decided he would do me a "favor" and install some updates on my computer. One of these updates happened to be IE9.

He did have the best of intentions.

For some reason IE9 was not very friendly with Blogger. It would NOT let me publish a post. Nope. No matter how hard I clicked on that orange button...nuthing.

So I went on my husband's lap top, to see if it I could publish from there. It worked just fine. And guess what? He doesn't have IE9 on there. Why put it on my computer if you don't have it on yours? GRR. (Yes, Mrblocko I did just growl at you. I'm gonna stick my tongue out at you as well. plbbbbt!)

Anyhow, he so very nicely uninstalled IE9 and things are working fine again. I wrote a post for today just to make sure. As an added bonus, the problem I was having with the code on Blogger fixed itself too. So double yay.

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  1. Nothing worse that technology problems! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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