Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giant Mountain of Goodness

I was going to post about this great original idea I had. Oh I was so proud of myself. I had all of these extra homemade marshmellows and a few extra oreos ...why not combine them into one tasty treat covered in chocolate. But how to keep the marshmellow from falling off the oreo? Aha! Peanut butter could be my glue. What sweet perfection.Then not one week later I decided my recipe to-do list had gotten out of control. It was time to weed out the recipes that I realistically wasn't ever going to make. As I was cleaning, I came across this from Picky Palate. Oh how my heart sank. It wasn't my idea after all. I was only remembering something I had seen and wanted to make a long time ago. Oh well. At least I remembered cuz they were a hugemongous stack of scrumptious.


  1. That looks like something I can't have ;)

  2. "Can't or shouldn't?" says the devil on your shoulder.

  3. Well, I suppose one could consume anything once ;)


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