Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Cross Stitches

I completed four small projects this month. Not too shabby considering all the books I read as well.

The design below didn't photograph well.  It's actually done on Navy Aida with this funky fluorescent yellow.  I wanted to do it in glow in the dark thread, but they didn't have any at the craft store by me. 
The Crafty Companion: Lumos

I actually started this cross stitch over a year ago.  It was my travel project for the plane when we went to Disney World last spring.    For some reason poor Tink was abandoned, only half finished.  This came as part of a kit.  I didn't like the stiff Aida that it came with, so I switched it to an evenweave with a higher count.  The design is stitched over two threads.
Janlynn: Tinkerbell Giggle Sketch
The next two designs I bought back when Blockette was just a baby.  They are both stitched with hand dyed threads.  I had to change a few of the colors, as I didn't have all the suggested ones in my stitching stash.
Bent Creek: Spooky Row
I wound up outlining the skeleton because I felt he didn't stand out enough against the light colored linen fabric.

I'm pretty bummed out that the cat between the "e" and "f" doesn't show up well.  I might outline that one as well.
Bent Creek: Kitty Row
I particularly like this design as the two cats sitting together remind me of my own crazy kitties.

As usual, I have no idea/plans for any of these cross stitches.  I just did them for fun! 

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