Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thurs #30

1. No one was hurt in the cutting down of massive branches.

2. We did not knock down the neighbor's fence in said tree trimming...although we came close.

3. The blade from the pole saw that got stuck in one branch, fell down with the big storm.

4. We got a big storm!  (Can I get an AMEN to the rain?)

5. I ordered both a Roma and a regular tomato plant from Blockette's school fundraiser. (They were labeled incorrectly.)

6. Air conditioning...Lots of people are without theirs because of the big storm and it's 100 billion degrees out again.

7. No one was hurt when the tree fell on my husband's best friend's house.

8. Coloring with Blockette.  (There's so many neat pictures on the interwebs!  Check out my pinboard for some of my favorites.)

9. Teaching Blockette how to play Egyptian War.


  1. Amen especially to number 7 :D

  2. Mrblocko is now really wanting to cut down the tree in our front yard. Apparently, the tree that fell was hollow. I wish tree's had a neon sign that said, "Hey! I'm rotten on the inside." Come to think of it, I wish people had that same sign.

  3. Yeah, Girlie, I feel the same way about people, but I do think I have a handle on who is rotten in my life. I don't know why, but today, I am done with it, at least a certain person and his family. Anyway, sorry to have a mini rant, but I did like the picture, it did remind me of Mr Blocko and lots of his friends ;)

  4. yeah i saw the picture and it made me chuckle. luckily he didn't trim any of the trees like that. Bonus points!


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