Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thurs #27

1. The basketball hoop that fell over in a thunderstorm missed Mrblocko's car by less than an inch.

2. We set the basketball hoop at the side of the road and it was gone in less than an hour.

3. A nice visit with my mom.

4. It's been months between my last digestive problem.

5. Both Blockette and I survived her day of a horrible attitude.

6.  Even though I forgot an entire cup of flour in the cookies, they still tasted delicious.  Buttery, but delicious. (Just another reason to never attempt to bake when it's 100F out.  The brain gets all melt-y, kinda like these cookies!)

7. When Boo ate part of one of the above mentioned cookies, he did not get sick.

8. Air Conditioning.

9. Not having to leave the house for anything in this heat.

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