Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Reads

This was not a big reading month for me. We were really into watching the Olympics earlier this month. Then my Uncle passed on 4 seasons of Mad Men, so no reading for me!

I did manage to sneak in this odd little juvenile fiction called Star Shard by Frederic S Durbin.

 It takes place on this traveling market place that is actually a wagon as big as a small city.  I thought that concept was fascinating.

The main character, Cimbril, is a slave who works on the wagon as a singer.  Then a fae boy named Loric, is taken on as a slave, but he can't use his magic to escape because of the magic attached to the wagon.  Through the Loric, Cimbril discovers her true ancestory.  

I particularly liked Cimbril's cat Miwa and the race of creatures known as Strongarms.

 It's a great work of fantasy fiction for middle grade schoolers.

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