Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thurs #38

1. Basil's second "mole" was actually a pimple...and he let me pop it.

2. Mrblocko teaching Blockette how to grill.

3. The congregation voted yes for the new associate pastor.

4. No one made a scene when the vote was announced. (Mrblocko and I were seriously worried about this.)

5. Having a back up plan when the dessert I made for Church turned out weird.

6. Our pastor, who had a medical scare earlier in the week, seems to be doing fine now.

7.  I slept the whole night in my own bed.  (It's so nice to have more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep.)

8 .I didn't get wet when the city decided it would be fun to flush the hydrants 5 minutes before school started.  (I even asked the guy to wait.  Dude said, "OK." then went ahead and did it anyhow.)

9. I didn't reflexively punch the kid who jumped out and growl-screamed at Blockette and I as we were coming up the stairs at church on Wed.

10. Blockette did not get all dramatic when she discovered she did not like artichokes.

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