Friday, September 28, 2012

Patchy Ruffle Pants Time...Again

Blockette is growing like a weed.  Most of her patched pants were too short, or beyond repair in the knees.  She had a few second hand jeans, and I bought her two new pairs when school started.  She did have one pair from last year that still fit her in the waist, but were several inches too short.  The knees were also quite threadbare, and in need of patching.

So I set myself to work and did this:
If you notice, the pants ruffles are from the magical, never-ending purple fabric.  The same stuff I used for her bird wings.

The star patches are actually from a too large pair of hand me down pants.  They had a few holes that seemed like they were too much work to repair.  The jeans did have this cool star applique running down the legs though.  So I just re-purposed the other pair of pants to mend this pair.

I did get lazy and didn't zig zag the edges of the patches.  I told myself that the frayed edges would look cool after a few washes.  We will see if they are indeed cool, or just falling apart.

Blockette calls these jeans her superstar pants.  She literally wants to wear them EVERY day.  I told her that she could only wear them every other day.  That way, we could pretend that someone washed them in between wearings. 

Oh come on!  I can't be the only mean mom who refuses to wash unstained jeans after every single wear!  Jeans are so much more comfy after multiple wears.  It's about HER comfort, not how lazy I am.

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