Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Headband Fix: No more Geordi La Forge!

Maybe I've reinvented the wheel here, but I feel pretty creative that I thought of this.

Blockette has very fine blonde hair.  Most headbands slide down her face after less than a minute.  This causes her to look like Geordi LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
LaVar Burton as Geordi La Forge
While LaVar Burton totally rocks this look, Blockette can't quite pull it off. 

It's really rather disruptive in school, church, watching TV, eating, breathing, etc 
when she has to keep adjusting her hair do every thirty seconds.

We pretty much gave up on headbands.

Then one Sunday morning I could not get my hands to cooperate.  I told Blockette to "just put on a headband"  so we could be done with it.  You would have thought we lived in Napa Valley for all the whine.  Ugh. I decided that we should eat breakfast, and I'd give her hair another attempt before we left for church.

While we were eating, I got to thinking about how some baby hair clips are just velcro with a bow on it.  If velcro works on fine hair, maybe the hook part will give the needed grip to Blockette's headbands.

This was the velcro I had.  It's hook only and 3/4" wide.  It even has a super strong sticky back.

I know the sticky back is super strong because it is leftover from covering up the opening to our 
crawl space.
I attached the velcro to the molding around the opening, and covered it with cream fleece.  
(Not only did it cover up the ugly door, but blocked out the draft as well.)

The Velcro has been up for over 5 years now with no sign of losing it's adhesion.

Here's what I did with the headbands:

I debated whether or not to put the Velcro all the way down the headband.  As I was a bit pressed for time, and the ends were tapered, I opted to just put Velcro at the top of the band.  I figured if it didn't work as well as we wanted it too, we could always add more.

It worked wonderfully!  

I only saw Blockette adjust her hair once the entire time we were at Church.

I'd call that success!

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