Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thurs #36

1. I did not get hit by any drivers stupid enough to run through my intersection.  (The stop sign I hold up isn't just one of my many glamorous fashion accessories people!)

2. I have not gotten sick at work. (My medicine was changed and the new stuff is making me very nauseous.)

3. The children's Tylenol expired. (This is the first time we haven't used it up before it expired.  Whoohoo!)

4. While it's been hot, there hasn't been a torrential downpour while I've had to stand outside.

5. Basil just had a run in with some cobwebs he didn't like, and wasn't foaming at the mouth because he was rabid or anything like that. (He was just trying to spit the yucky stuff out.)

6. Boo actually likes eating cobwebs. (If I could only figure out how to get him to eat the ones near the ceiling!)

7. Blockette hasn't worn out her welcome yet at the neighbor's.

8. No one came into our house while I was helping out at church and the garage door was open for over an hour. (or if they did they realized we have nothing worth taking!)

9. I think I figured out what was making the garage door act up. (cobwebs, leaves and grass clippings stuck to the bottom of the garage door interfering with the safety sensor.)

10. My thermos didn't break when I dropped it.  (My big toe cushioned the fall.)

11. I'm pretty sure I did NOT break my big toe when I dropped my giant water thermos on it.  (The thing flipping upside down as it fell was probably a good thing. I think the raised lip on the mug took some of the impact away from my foot.)

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