Monday, March 10, 2014

Marmalade Grilled Cheese

My husband thinks the idea of marmalade in a grilled cheese sandwich is disgusting.  Personally I don't see how it's all that different from eating jelly with a Monte Cristo Sandwich.

The salty sharp taste from the cheddar cheese is amazing with the sweet and tangy from the marmalade.  I've never been much for the taste of marmalade, but this sandwich has made me a convert.

I saw the idea over at Confessions of a Chocoholic.  It's not much of a recipe if you know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Take 2 slices of hearty whole grain bread and lightly butter them, and place on a griddle preheated on medium heat.  Place a few spoonfuls of marmalade on one slice of bread.  As the bread heats it will be easier to spread.  On the other slice of bread place a slice or a mound of shredded sharp cheddar.  Toast the bread to the color of your liking.  Flip the pieces of bread together and enjoy!  

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