Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pizza Poppers

White Trash balls , what an appetizing name! The title fits, cause they are kind of a trashy appetizer. I happen to enjoy that, but I prefer to call these little tidbits Pizza Poppers.

I assembled and baked these at a friends house so there is no picture. Yeah shame on me for not bringing my camera everywhere I go. I you are curious about how they look, head on over to Craving Comfort. Dana (She was on Wife Swap!) has some great pictures on her blog.

I made a few slight modifications to Dana's recipe, just to make them a bit more pizza-ish. (That's a word right? Don't burst my bubble if it's not.) I added several handfuls of mozzarella cheese. I didn't measure how much. I just added it into the pepperoni/cream cheese mixture until I thought it looked sufficiently cheesy. Then I added the green part (sliced) from 5 small green onions. I mostly did this because I had them left over from another dish and if I didn't use them in this appetizer, they were just going to get tossed. I also added some Italian Seasoning. I just shook it on and mixed it up until I thought there were little green flecks from the spice blend throughout the mixture.

The assembly was a bit fussy, but worth the result. Only a few of the crescent roll bits came undone in the cooking process. I was especially happy that they didn't explode or get all oozy on the pan. Make sure you put foil on your baking sheet just in case. Save yourself some of the clean up drama.

I served these little guys with some red sauce. Nothing fancy. I used the Meijers generic three cheese pasta sauce in a jar. It's my new favorite pasta sauce and sometimes it is on sale for a dollar. A Dollar! (Doncha love it when the cheap stuff tastes the best?!)

Anyhow, these guys even taste good cold. I mean why wouldn't they? They're like pizza and pizza is scrumptious cold.

Back when I made these, Mrblocko was making puppy dog eyes when I was preparing the filling. I told Mrblocko I would make these at home for dinner one night, since he wasn't going to be around to have any. Guess I should make good on that promise sometime in the not too distant future.

Dana's White Trash Balls from Craving Comfort
1 (6 ounce) package sliced pepperoni
1 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese
2 (10 1/8 ounce) packages Refrigerated Crescent Dinner Roll dough

Take out the crescent rolls, and separate into the individual triangles. Flatten each triangle and slice it so that it becomes three small triangles. Dice pepperoni into very tiny pieces. (I use my food processor) Add the pepperoni into the cream cheese, mixing well. Take a very small spoonful of cream cheese/pepperoni mixture and put it in the middle of one of the crescent rolls triangles. Pinch up all of the sides around the filling, rolling into a ball. Repeat and place them all on a cookie sheet. Bake for the amount of time stated on the crescent rolls (usually 10-13 minutes at 375°F). Let cool for a few minutes before serving!

Add some Italian seasoning and serve w/ pizza sauce for Pizza White Trash Pockets.
Add a little Mozzarella cheese for a gooier cheese center.
try adding some black olives, and green onions!

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