Monday, August 9, 2010

A Fairy Good Weekend

Friday, I was talking to a friend, over email, and discussing our plans for the weekend. She said she was thinking of taking her kids to the Field Museum in Chicago and going to a park that had a Japanese Tea Garden. Well, I thought all that sounded like a lot more fun than the wicked exciting plans that consisted of... Laundry. So I did a bit of Googling and found out that there was a Fairy Festival going on about a hour from where we live. And it was el cheapo too. ($20 for the 3 of us.)

Blockette had so much fun. There was someone blowing huge bubbles. Bubbles as big as Blockette. (It was so sunny out there was a huge glare on the view screen of the camera. I couldn't tell exactly what I was taking a picture of. So, sadly I didn't get any pictures of the actual bubbles, just Blockette running around like a fairy on fire.)

They had a living statue. Blockette was scared of her first. We told her that her fairy magic made the statue come alive! Then she didn't want to leave the statue alone.

Driving to the Fairy Festival, we pretty much followed the Fox River. We decided that we'd have a picnic dinner at one of the parks along the river. Guess what one of the parks we passed was???! The same park with the Japanese Tea Garden in it. What luck!

The park had this cool ivy covered walkway. The whole thing was teaming with butterflies and bumblebees. I mean they weren't really butterflies, they were fairies that were enchanted to look like butterflies to us clumsies (humans.) We couldn't walk through the tea garden. It's only open on Wednesdays and Sundays. This garden is closed most of the time because people like to reserve it for special photo shoots. In fact, as we were leaving we saw a wedding party walking toward the garden with a photographer. We debated watching them get their pictures taken, but we thought Blockette might be upset she wasn't in the pictures, so we decided against it. I did snap this cool shot through the fence.
The part itself is on both sides of the river. On the other side of the river is this windmill. There are tours for the windmill, but they weren't going on when we were there. Why was there a windmill? I have no idea, but it was pretty cool to see one in the middle of no where for no apparent reason.
I guess there is a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the park as well, but we were tired and decided to call it a night. Blockette was very tired from her fliteriffic day of fairy fun.

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