Friday, August 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday 25

I missed posting yesterday because it was a VERY busy and important day. The First Day of School, doncha know. Yesterday was Kindergarten Roundup. Blockette had her orientation, and I had mine. Two hours of sitting through listening to various school officials talk about the school may seem boring, but the time went by very quickly.

Today is her first complete day of kindergarten. She will be riding the bus home for the first time ever.

I screwed up this morning and did not allow for enough time to get to school. Halfway there I realized I forgot the name tag she was supposed to have. So I ran back like some crazy woman. We got there just as the late bell was ringing. I felt like a horrible mother.

So today I am thankful-
1.) I didn't have to check her into the office to get a late pass.
2.) Mrblocko was there with me
3.) I waited until Blockette was inside the building before I had my hysterical crying fit.
4.) All the other parents had left and didn't see us arriving late and my subsequent waterworks.
5.) I will know for Monday to leave earlier, and not forget the stupid name tag.

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