Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Burrito or I am really angry at myself for having to write this post twice

So I had a whole post written up to post with pictures I took at the Arboretum. Somehow I managed to delete the entire post. I love wasting my time. Cause I've just got so much of it to waste. Yeah.

Anyhow here are the pictures of My burrito:

Blockette loved to play in this fountain and throw the rocks to make a big splash. One of the other moms there gave me the lemon face because her and her precious child got a few droplets of water on them. What a poopy pants. It wasn't hot, but breezy and sunny. A soaking child would have dried in 10 minutes. I know this because Blockette got soaked playing with the fountain in the picture below.

This fountain was a huge marble ball that had water under it that made the ball spin perpetually. Kids would stand on the base and either try to get it to stop spinning or make it spin faster. My lovely child thought it was great to lay on the ball. When I thought she was near becoming a prune I told her it was time to go and eat lunch. It took us 1o min to go back to the car, get our picnic lunch and walk to the picnic area. She was bone dry by the time we sat down. Take that lemon face lady!

After we finished eating Blockette saw this girl jumping off this large rock. Blockette is far from being a dare devil but this girl was enjoying herself so much that lil miss scaredy cat wanted in on the fun too. Blockette only jumped from the lower parts of the rock. She was too leery to try the highest part. She'd get up there and then change her mind and walk back down to the other side.

Turns out the other girl just started kindergarten as well. Dontcha love their crazy faces they are making for the camera. After the fun of lunch and not breaking any bones, we headed out to check out the Steel roots sculpture display. On the way, we came across this hedge garden.

I guess it's one of the oldest hedges on public display in the U.S. Blockette thought it was cool enough to snap a picture of. Although, I think she was more interested in the flowers than the hedge itself.

Below is one of the Steel roots sculptures. Blockette's pictures of this turned out much better than mine. I wanted to post this one because Blockette gives a good sense of scale.

This was the last sculpture we looked at. I had to beg her to let me take her picture under it. The only was I could convince her to let me take her picture, was to let her take mine. Oh that picture won't be seeing the light of day. It was way too special for the general public. (insert eye roll here.)

After we looked, and photographed all the sculptures, I decided it was time to call it a day. We were both exhausted. On the way out I had to take a pic of this flower. It's just a happy vibrant pink. A perfect end to a fun day. I'm really looking forward to our next "burrito" trip.

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