Wednesday, February 2, 2011

20 Things To Do With Your Munchkin on a Snow Day

Are you and your munchkin bored from being stuck in the house with all this snow? Here are some ideas of stuff to do. Got any more ideas cause we are still bored over here!!!!

1. shovel
2. attempt to french braid your and your munchkin's hair
3. make a puzzle
4. play a board game
5. make marshmellows
6. bake bread
7. make soup stock
8. Read
9. draw/paint with your munckin
10. paint your and your munckin's toenails
11. torment your pets (eg catnip, feathers, string)
12. sew
13. surf the net
14. introduce your munchkin to a new (to them movie) like Neverending Story or Princess Bride
15. rearrange your house
16. Do some laundry...make your munchkin sort darks and lights
17. scrub your kitchen floor (yeah right.)
18. go through your stuff and weed out the stuff that needs to be donated to charity.
19. Make paper snowflakes
20. watch crazy you tube songs about ogre underpants in Japanese

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