Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday 7.11

1. Warm weather
2. Mrblocko and Blockette were both healthy enough at the same time to go sledding before the snow melted.
3. Helping out at Blockette's class for Valentine's day.
4. Blockette liked watching The Princess Bride, and didn't even mind when I fast forwarded through the yucky Giant Rat part that I hate...not that she was scared or anything.
5. My mom is coming to visit!
6. Our budding little math wiz.
7. Mrblocko coming home unexpectedly for lunch because Internet was down at work.
8. My best friend's husband was able to recover all the data on my computer and get rid of the virus!
9.Getting the grocery shopping done speedy quick.
10. Using the computer virus as an opportunity to discuss forgiveness and change my own attitude about those who behave maliciously.

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