Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankfull Thursday 6.11

1. Grace periods at the library so I didn't have to pay a fine.
2. soup!
3. Finding Valentines themed books to read to Blockette's class for her Valentines day party. (I thought for sure they would all be checked out, but I managed to find a few that her classmates might enjoy.)
4. Blockette at a play date most of the afternoon.
5. Figuring out another problem on my quilt before I began sewing that part.
6. Finding and solving yet another math problem on the quilt
7. Not having a math or cutting error on the quilt for the very last cutting part of the quilt!
8. our gravity defying snowman
9. Blockette commenting that the shadows in the snow were blue. Reminded me of the girl in the book Girl with the Pearl Earring who talked about the clouds in the sky not actually being white.
10. Feeling like I didn't totally screw up taking minutes at the meeting at church.
11. The pipe in the tub didn't totally freeze.
12. it's going to be much warmer in a few days.

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