Saturday, July 23, 2011

'11 Happy Dance # 13: Rainbow shirt

I saw the tutorial for this Rainbow shirt from the blog Little Bit Funky. It's from a feature called 20 minute crafter.  It's supposed to take 20 minutes, but it took me twice that long to rummage through my scrap bin to find a combination of fabrics I liked.  It's projects like this that reinforce my desire to save those random scraps.

Although, I wish I had a better organization system for said scraps.  A big Rubbermaid bin is hardly organization.  Although, I guess it's better than piles all over the craft room floor.  That was the previous method.  Baby steps right?
Anyhow, as I'm sure you can tell. Blockette LOVES her new shirt. It was a hand-me-down shirt with a stain near the neck.  I don't know if that was the reason why Blockette never ever wore the shirt, or if it was because it was a plain old ordinary boring white T-shirt.  Now it's anything but boring, and right up there with with her owl glitter shirt and her princess shirts. 

The shirt originally had a pocket on it.  I ripped that sucker out.  The rainbow I think is a bit on the large side for the size of the shirt and a bit too close to the neckline if I'm gonna get picky.  However, the rainbow needed to be that high and wide to cover the stain and the lines made from the pocket seams.

The rainbow itself is also a bit more stiff than it should be.  If I ever make a shirt like this again I am going to trim the extra fabric off after I sew each layer together.  For example, once the orange is sewn onto the red, I'd cut off the red fabric that is behind the orange fabric.  Once the yellow fabric is sewn onto the orange fabric, I'd cut off the extra orange fabric behind the yellow, etc.

Imperfections aside, Blockette loves the shirt.  So I should just quit complaining about it and be happy she is still at the age when the stuff mom makes her is still super cool.

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  1. I'm so sad. Blockette tried this shirt on today and it no longer fits! She has grown so much in the past year.


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