Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday 29.11

1. A nice visit with my mother in law.
2. Blockette on her best behavior on above mentioned visit.
3. Finishing a craft project.
4. Blockette letting me braid her hair to help keep her cool.
5. The rain so I don't have to water the plants.
6.  Blockette's new found enthusiasm for Harry Potter.
7. We live on a hill. (It's a tiny one but the water runs away from our house.)
8. Blockette saying, "I want to grow my bangs out so I can wear one poof (ponytail) and everyone will say I look just like my mommy.  I would really really like that."
9. Deciding not to take a muscle relaxer when Mrblocko had a really late night. (Blockette wound up having a nasty nightmare.)
10. Not burning the popcorn.

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