Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday 25 and 26.11

Hey, as I was writing this week's Thankful list, I discovered a partial list that I never finished from last week.  Whoops.  So I thought I'd just smash the 2 weeks together in one big uber long thankful post.

1. No melt downs at Relay for Life.
2. Nice cool weather for Relay for Life.
3. Making a decent dent in the mountain of laundry I was too tired to do over the weekend.
4. Finding and killing the spider that was crawling on me as I woke up from my nap. (Take that you!)
5. Remembering that I forgot to give the cats water.
6. My best friend who gave forgetful me's cats some water.
7. Wonderful visit with my mom.
8. Safe trip there and back to my mom's.
9. Mrblocko remembering the backroads to take home so we didn't have to sit on the parking lot that was the Wisconsin freeway.
10. The plants my uncle gave Blockette survived the trip home just fine in the trunk.
11. Blockette realizing the math page she was freaking out about was actually not hard for her at all.
12. Spending time alone with Mrblocko.
13. Finding the fabric I needed for my next project...on sale too.
14. The employee at the fabric store who helped me figure out I only needed 2 yards and not 5 yards like I had feared.
15. I got all the plants my uncle gave me planted.  (Well except the sunflowers, Mrblocko has to help me till up a new spot for them.)
16. I can still move (barely) after putting all those plants in the ground.
17. The idea to have a peanut butter banana smoothie.
18. Purring cats on sore muscles.
19.  Giving Blockette a bath last night instead of tonight, considering I might not be able to get up off the floor by this evening.
20. Blockette is not afraid to kill earwigs. 

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