Friday, November 23, 2012

Pinterest Fact or Fiction: Oven Door

Today we are going to discus the tip of Cleaning the oven door from DIY Home Sweet Home.

The trick is to make a baking soda paste, and apply it to your oven door.  Then you let the baking soda marinate for 20 min.  When you scrub the stuff off, Shazam!  The oven door is magically super sparkly clean.

Let's take a look at my oven door before I started: 


Notice my little helper at the bottom left hand portion of the photo.

Apparently, open ovens, particularly those coated in baking soda are fascinating to little black cats.  Playing keep away from the oven for 20 min is not my idea of good times.

Now after I had all that fun, I got to scrub the gunk off the door.

Aaaaaand then the oven door looked like this:


I included the paper towels I used to clean the oven in the photo 1.) so you could see that some of the dirt DID actually come off, and 2.) so I could tell the before and after photos apart in my camera.

Let's do a side by side comparison:
People swear this works.  It didn't work on my industrial strength super Hulking dirt. 

I'm marking this one down as Pinterest Fiction.

From now on I'll just stick with the self cleaning mode on the oven. 


  1. I was wondering why you wouldn't use the self-cleaning mode . . . but I can see why if it's just to clean the door. I'll bet if you added lemon that might cut through the grime . . . just a thought!

  2. Mostly this was just to see if it would work. While it's cold out now, I thought it might be a good way to clean the oven in the summer, which is what all that gunk is from. There's no way I was turning on the self cleaning when it was 100F out!


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