Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thurs #44

1. Soccer season has ended.

2. My new winter coat is toasty warm.

3. Mrblocko and I can now teach 4 yr old Sunday School in our sleep, which I think we might have last Sunday.

4. Mrblocko wound up not having to work on Halloween after all.

5. Our power went out for only a few hours Wed AM.

6. Blockette didn't put up a fight when we made her put on hat gloves and coat when she went trick or treating.

7. I got two naps in one day.  (Hopefully that will help whatever cold I'm getting not be so bad.)

8. My friend in DC/Maryland was ok after Frankenstorm/Sandy.

9. Stopping to notice the beauty in each day.

10. My mom made it home safely from her trip to Spain.

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