Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thurs #48

1. Not having to work in the fog last Wed.  That would have been SCARY!

2. Mrblocko was nice enough to stand in line for 2.5 hrs on Thanksgiving to get some awesome deals.

3. Thanks to the above mentioned sale, Blockette had enough money saved up to get her precious NOOK.

4. The NOOK is an excellent tool to get her to do her school work, clean her room, etc.

5.The credit card bill I thought was lost in the mail, was actually floating in a puddle.

6. Above mentioned credit card bill had a $20 gift card in it!

7. Seeing "Santa" at the grocery store.

8. Convincing Blockette to get her picture taken with Santa. (She can't be getting too old yet, can she????  She's only 7!)

9. Getting one of the last appointments for a free family photo.

10. This week is going by super fast.

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