Saturday, April 25, 2009

Better late than never

I had this lofty goal of giving Blockette two crochet bunnies for Easter. Well that didn't happen. I did manage to finish the one on the left at dark o'clock the night before Easter, so at least there was that. I've discovered that I am an excessively slow crochet-er. I can't seem to crochet unless the TV is off and no one is talking/singing/making any noise what so ever. How often does that happen?! Last night MrBlocko had a"Team building" dinner so once the Blockette was tucked into bed I had oodles of quiet time to finish bunny #2. Even the cats cooperated and left me alone. (Whoohoo!) Bunny #2 is a bit smaller than Bunny #1. I guess that means I'm improving?

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