Friday, December 10, 2010

Project #18: Blockette's Stocking

Tada! I am so happy I finished this..and with almost 2 weeks to spare. This stocking is for Blockette and I managed to sew it without her knowing! I'm so sneaky.

This is going to be one of Blockette's Christmas presents. We have a tradition where we open presents on Christmas Eve night from our family, and presents from Santa on Christmas morning. This way she can open her stocking present and then hang it up before she goes off to bed on Christmas Eve.The Fairy on the stocking is a one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends. A garden talent fairy to be specific. Those of you familiar with the Disney fairies from the Pixie Hollow books will be scratching their heads as to which fairy this one is. It is supposed to be Lily. Yeah, I know. Her skin color is off. I think they had to make it a lighter color so the facial details show up.

And that is all embroidered. I was a bit worried as my embroidery skills are not the best. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. You can tell it is supposed to be a face and not blobs of yuck.

When I ordered the kit I did not realize that the whole thing was made of felt. I assumed that the applique would be felt. I had no idea that the background fabric was felt as well. I couldn't replace the felt with another fabric because there were placement lines for the applique stamped on the back ground felt. Oh well. I will just have to stress to Blockette that she has to be extra careful with the stocking. I'm pretty sure she will love it enough to handle it delicately.

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  1. That is so awesome Dude! Our stockings are just store bought fur ones, but you are going to get me to endeavor to make some for us ;)

    Happy Holidays and Festivus for the rest of us!


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