Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday 39

1. Christmas decorations are up.
2. I've got 90% of my Christmas shopping done. (I love Cyber Monday!)
3. One of Blockette's school friends is going to test out our church.
4. At least Blockette listens to me, even if Mrblocko doesn't. (I think he follows the school of thought that the stop signs with the white borders are optional.)
5. I portioned up and froze the rest of the turkey for use in other meals. (We were getting sick of Thanksgiving leftovers!)
6. Got to see my youngest nephew.
7. Blockette did an awesome job reading with Mrblocko for lighting the Advent calendar. (I was afraid she was going to be in one of her defiant the one she is in at this very moment.)
8. It's snowing and making everything beautiful and December-y.
9. I'm making great progress on my Christmas crafts. I may even finish early this year!(fingers crossed)
10. Mrblocko washed the breakfast dishes and took Blockette to school this morning so I could go to the grocery store and get some stuff done before Blockette came home from Kindergarten. Yay!

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