Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday 40

1. I got free air for my tire that I thought was just low due to the cold coldness.
2. When I realized the problem with my tire was indeed a, leak the tire place fixed them for free.
3. I was right in front of the tire place when my check engine light went on.
4. They were able to diagnose the engine problem at the tire place.
5. My car isn't going to blow up if I drive it while I wait for the parts to come in.
6. Car repairs are cheaper than a new car payment.
7. Blockette was super well behaved at the "car doctor"
8. The folks where I got my car looked at were really awesome and let Blockette look at the car when it was up on the lift.
9. coupons. (I love coupons!)
10. a major save on a dessert disaster (I'll blog more about that later.)
11. steady paychecks
12. Finishing another Christmas gift project.
13. Finding a gift for Blockette that was seemingly impossible to find.

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