Saturday, December 11, 2010

Project #19: Monster Search Bag

A few years ago I made some search and find bags as Christmas presents for Blockette and my best friend's daughter. They were a big hit. Even grown-ups like manipulating the plastic beads around to find all the little trinkets hidden inside.

This year I thought Mrblocko's best friend's son would get a kick out of a search and find bag. Then I realized that the bags I had made for the girls, sort of looked a little like purses if you squint. I figured that wouldn't go over very well. So I did some brainstorming and came up with the idea for a monster shaped bag.
Ain't he ferocious sittin there on my kitchen counter?

Originally, I had intended to use a scrap of the furry orange fabric left over from my own monster stocking but the furry fabric was too thick and uncooperative. So back to the drawing board and into my fabric stash I went. I think the monster is workin all the crazy fabric combinations. My favorite part of the monster is the legs. The orange-y fabric are scraps from a quilt I made for the recipient's baby brother. I think that is a neat touch. If you can believe it they are from the same fabric. Batiks are wonderful that way.

The shoes are from a scrap of skull fabric my best friend just gave me a few weeks ago. If you look at the shoe on the left you can see a tiny bit of red. That's from a skull. I love how one shoe is striped and the other is checked. I would totally wear shoes like that. In fact, back in the late 80's my best friend and I each had a pair of converse high tops. We both traded a shoe with each other so we were walking around with one yellow shoe and one red shoe. We thought we were the coolest ever. The coolest ever until our moms made us switch back. (The mean meanies!) They just did NOT understand the fashion statement we were making. I mean like we totally wanted to be different...exactly like all of our friends. Good times.

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