Monday, December 27, 2010

Project #20: Moo Re-do

Deja vu? No. This cross stitch is different from the one I posted earlier. Click here for the original. You can clearly see that the bottom of the cross stitch says 2009.

When I made this last year for my mom it grew legs and walked home with someone else at Joann Fabric's. My mom took it there to get a frame and when she got to the counter the frame was in her hand, but the cross stitch was not. She scoured the store but it was gone. No one turned it in to an employee either. Well, I hope who ever owns the original is enjoying it.

The second one stitched up much faster than the original, although it has it's own set of whoopsies that no one but me will ever know about. (Go ahead! I double dog dare you to find them. There are at LEAST three.)

Anyhow I finished this version in time for Christmas and I told my mom she better put a leash on this one if she takes it for a walk in the fabric store again!


  1. Beautiful work! How sad that someone didn't turn in the lost cow! A leash is a good idea!! LOL!! I enjoyed my visit today!

  2. Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my blog!


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