Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday 1.11

Yeah, I got a bit slack at the end of the year on the whole Thankful Thursday posting. I was wondering if I should continue with it in 2011 or not. I decided it was probably good for me to do, even if no one else cared. Because, ultimately, the purpose of Thankful Thursday posts was for me to remember that there was good stuff to be thankful for, even if the days or weeks seemed like they were absolutely rotten.

1. School started up again.
2. I got some work done on a new craft project.
3. The Velcro sentence wall in the children's section of the Library.
4. My consistent misspellings makes me hard to plagiarize. (Plus someone's gotta give spell check a good workout!)
5. Finishing a book my mom gave me over a year ago. (It was awesome. Why did I wait so long to read it.
6. A nice visit with my in-laws.
7. Successes in the kitchen.
8. Family game time.
9. The cute silly little books Blockette makes.
10. Mrblocko coming home for dinner between work and meetings/appointments.

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