Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday 4.11

1. I found those mint dark chocolate chips I love in the clearance section for $0.71!
2. Finding 2 cute shirts and 1 pair of fuzzy rainbow socks for Blockette for $1.99 a piece.
3. My mom is on her way to fixing her basement stairs so she won't fall down them, well at least not as easily as before.
4. Helping out in Blockette's Class.
5. Finally learning what "New Math" is all about.
6. The clog in the tub fixed itself.
7. Making more slow progress on the quilt.
8. Another great report card.
9. Mrblocko driving Blockette to school when I was feeling under the weather.
10. My complete lack of grace cannot be duplicated by the most skilled choreographer.

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