Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday 3.11

Here's my thankful list for the week.

1. The tart still turned out great even though the recipe said to use a 9 inch tart pan and mine is 11 inches.
2. I didn't have to go anywhere in the rain/snow/rain mix on MLKJ day.
3. Someone else volunteered to be Moderator of the Deacons at church. I was so relieved I cried...a lot.
4. Blockette told mrblocko that he wasn't mean enough to be a mother.
5.Making progress, although slow on Blockette's quilt.
6. Blockette is such a confident child.
7. My mom found out she gets to go to Spain!
8. Mrblocko fixed the problem with the car repair bill so I didn't have to.
9. Finding a way for Blockette to enjoy practicing her writing. (Draw, Write, Now)
10. Blockette isn't being overly whiny even though she is home sick with a fever today.

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