Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'11 Happy Dance #16: Milk Jug Butterflies

Blockette was nice enough to take this picture for me.
I saw this tutorial for milk jug butterflies over on Alphamom. I thought they would be a fun craft to do on a day where it was just too hot to go outside and play.  It's just sharpies and plastic from a gallon of milk.  I love crafts where I don't have to buy any new supplies!

We got four butterflys from one milk jug. I decorated the one at the top and Blockette did the other three. The black outlining and cutting was a bit on the tricky side, so I did that part.  I strung them with some embroidery floss and hung them in the front window.  On a sunny day, they glow in the sunlight. When I've got the windows open they spin a bit in the breeze which gives the impression that they are flying. 

Blockette and I are going to make some more as decorations for her birthday party.  I cut them out from the milk jug differently and was able to get 6 this time.  We're about ready to finish another gallon of milk, so we should have 10-12 to hang up for her party.  I'm going to do my best to remember to post pictures of the decorations next week.

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