Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday 30.11

Whooops!  How did I miss Thursday?  I had this list typed, or at least mostly typed but spaced out on Thursday I guessed.  Well, here is this week's list:
1. The weirdness in our water is just air, not toxic funk.
2. Getting rid of 2 garbage bags full of junk from the computer room. (It's a tiny room that was relatively tiny, how did all of it fit in there?)
3. Sleeping the whole night in bed.
4. Talking with my mom after a frustrating afternoon/night with Blockette.
5. Deciding not to walk 4 blocks in the insanely hot and humid ozone action swamp grossness.
6.  Air conditioning. (I'm convinced I'd melt just like the wicked witch of the west without it.)
7. Finally...days not in the 90+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Leftovers that went one more day than expected.
9. Back to school sales.
10. Being able to turn the AC off and not melt, for at least one day.

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