Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday 32.11

1. A deal on shoes for Blockette when I realized she had outgrown both her dress shoes and sneakers.
2. The cats accepting the new kitty litter without incident.
3. A great visit with my mom.
4. Free birthday dinners. (Most restaurants have a free, or buy one get one free meal for your birthday.  All you gotta do is sign up!)
5. Finding cool books on sale at Borders. (Oh Borders, how I will miss you.)
6. It doesn't seem like the person who hacked into Mrblocko's email gave anyone a virus.  (Although some interesting stuff got sent to people at church.)
7. More cool days than hot ones.
8. My goofy gus of a best friend.  (Yes you are a goofy gus, but I'll keep ya anyhow.)
9. Not putting off the crafty stuff for Blockette's party until the last minute.
10.  Keeping calm amidst Blockette's meltdown.
11. School starts in one week!

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