Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nov Cross Stitches

The needles were flying in November.  I completed 9 ornaments from various Just Cross Stitch Ornament issues.  For all the ornaments that called for beads, I used french knots instead. Surprisingly, that was the only change I made to the designs.

Out of all 9, the Christmas Robin is probably my favorite.  Maybe because yesterday it was 69F and felt like spring? 

Christmas Robin by Victoria Sampler : Ornament issue 2010

Country Star by Elizabeth Designs: Ornament issue 2010

2010 Ornament: The Sweetheart Tree: Ornament issue 2010

Joy to the World by Casey Buonaughurio Designs: Ornament issue 2012

Happy Holidays by Country Cottage: Ornament issue 2012
Peace Pin Button by Jeannette Douglas Designs: Ornament issue 2012

Xmas Love by Lizzie*Kate: Ornament Issue 2012

Please Xmas by Raise the Roof Designs: Ornament issue 2012

Peaceful Retreat by Something in Common: Ornament issue 1999

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