Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thurs #50

1. The guy who ran my stop sign at work was ever so kind enough to drive around me.

2. Blockette is telling me about her day again.

3. Staying on task for the most part with holiday preparations.

4. The new Christmas cookie recipes I tried were tasty, if not exactly what I expected.  (I really should quit trying to make fudge!)

5.  A great visit with my mother-in-law.

6. My mother-in-law's new kitten that kept Blockette occupied the entire visit.  (Blockette was so sad to leave her new kitty friend, she was nearly in tears on the way home.)

7. Discovering I had one day to pay the water bill before it was due.  (Even though I decided to mail the payment so it wound up being late anyway.  Why is the online processing fee more than the late fee?  How does that work?)

8. Blockette taking the mean girls at school in stride.

9. Mrblocko.  He's a great husband.

10. New boots. (I managed to get them for almost 50% off too!  Whoohoo!)

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