Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thurs #40

1. Cheering on my niece at her last track meet of the season.

2. Not getting horrified when Blockette kicked her fit up to 11 at the above mentioned track meet.

3. Perfect weather for both Blockette's soccer practice AND her game.

4. Blockette seems to finally be getting the hang of this new big girl version of soccer.  While she hasn't scored any goals, she isn't chasing the ball around the field so much, and opening herself up to passes.

5. Finding time to read over the weekend.

6. Being able to go on CROP walk on Sun.

7. Naps.

8. The huge eagle that soared over the street at work this AM. 

9. The girl who very shyly gave me a fun size snickers bar as she crossed the street.  (She is a 5th grade Patrol who helps the younger kids get to class.  I come early specifically to get her safely across the street.)
The bananas are just for size reference.  They really didn't do any attacking.

 10. I got all the tomatoes picked before the hard frost hit. 
(See photo above of my bounty.  I had to toss 36 wonky, cracked, buggy, or rotting tomatoes.)

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